Research on Mural

Questions regarding the Mural in the Goblin caves 5 days SSW of Talasaar – Anapir Shadowsong

The figure depicted in the mural was wearing the Elvish Crown of Gala Elves (which is song in Elvish). I believe that the figure then is my previous Kind Lellithir Eversong. Lellithir was a High Elf King of a vast Elvish Empire in the Galach Forest some 500 years ago and before its corruption. The Degaheggi planes next to the Galach forest was ruled by a kingdom of Man called the Degamites. The capital of the Degamites was the city of Bandasaar (which can be translated to something like “city close to the sun” or “City of the east”) and recognisable by its three triple towers. Lellithir became concerned with a growing trend of demon summoning and worship. Despite his council and offers of aid for cessation of these unnatural practices nothing halted the increase of the practices. The Gala elves went to war. 450 years ago the Gala Elves crushed Talasaar and continued their march across the planes to Bandasaar.

While Anaphir Shadowsong stayed in Talasaar he was alive at the time and recounted that, Despite 5 years of war, Bandasaar would not fall. As time passed Lellithir grew more and more desperate in his tactics and more aggressive. This need for destruction seemed to poison his very spirit and it is said that Lellithir treated with some of the most ancient and evil gods for power to defeat his foe. He agreed to the corruption of his elven spirit for the ultimate power, three black arrows.

Bandasaar is rumoured to have fallen due to a single shot of a black arrow fired high over the city walls which destroyed the city with disease, plague and bloody death. Lellithir was granted a single moment of clarity from the evil god who granted the powers to that he could see what fate had befallen the land and himself. He retreated into the iron mountains to the south.

Research on Mural

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