Research on Books, treasure and Molecule

Books found in the ruin 4 days north east of Talasaar and “the structure” – Randall Willendale

My tutor always taught me that people learn better if they figure things out for themselves. Please therefore consider the answers to these questions.

  • Compare, according to your account, how many large crystals were in the ruin? How many Gems are in the first journal entry?
  • What did Caesar Correllion barter for on July 10 and can these be the same items as were described on the June 21 entry?
  • If the portal to the elemental plane of crystal was subject to flooding due to a dam bursting at what level were the large crystals in the ruin and where was the water?
  • How many books did you provide by Caesar Corellion?
  • What quality were the large crystals in the ruin and where did they come from?
  • Did you find any gems which could act as a stabilising filter (according to the Nature of light?)
  • Given that Caesar Correllion had previously worked on Sunlight and Firelight what light was he currently experimenting on in his account.
  • What does the arcane spell Stoneskin have in common with the Raise Dead and Resurrection divine incantations?
  • How would you track your way through a three dimensional elemental plane where gravity is distorted?
  • Assuming that this ruin was the “Temple of Correllion” and used for his experiments what magic did you find, what was its purpose, and how can Livic Feron’s teachings be utilised?
  • What features of the ruin, if any, may have a purpose as yet not understood?

Garments and Object D’Art – Aldeen

You provided four objects, a Silver inlaid wooden bowl, a Vestment adorned with gold thread, a gold bracelet and a silver necklace. All items bore a moon design indicative of Illuminum worship. I said to you that while these items seemed to indicate the Goddess there was something in their design which did not ring true. My research has confirmed this. Firstly the shapes of the moons are not strictly accurate as would be observed by a Priest(ess) of Illuminum. That said, these items are very close to accurate. I would conclude that these items were not used in any divine rite or ceremony by a Priest(ess) but may have been created by a lay worshiper (possibly a very passionate and religious follower). I can see no religious purpose for these items, nor are they magical. Simply they are the creation of a devout but lay follower of Illuminum. As they are not strictly correct their value would be slightly diminished say about 25 gp each.

Items can be sold in town at 25 GP each.

Long Term effects of Spider Vemon. – Aldeen

Spider venom is quickly metabolised by the body and the damaged tissue recovers quickly post injection. There is no known instance of long term side effects. Spider venom sacks can be harvested by the careful removal of the venom glands and this poison can be concentrated and used to create poison arrows and other weapons. The venom gland can be removed by first turning the creature onto its back (which it normally obliges you with in its death throes) and incising beneath the second mandible chitin plate.

[Nature Skill checks to remove a venom sack from a Giant Spider +2.]

Caesar Corellion and the Ruin in History – Provided through Mayor Cornelious’ Office

Caesar Corelion was a vampire hunter and arcanist. His main goal was to “kill” the vampire Lord Morphius. Whilst Caesar was successful in removing a number of spawn from the world he inevitably met his end at some particularly sharp fangs. The Ruin was not mentioned in historical accounts though it was known that Caesar Corellion used several bases of operation.

Research on Books, treasure and Molecule

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