Letter to Archdruid Drakon Farseer

(In the Druidic Secret Language)

To the Archdruid Drakon Farseer, Lord of the marshes, Slayer of Uric the Black, Blessed and watchful eye

My Lord,

Her Blessing upon you. I am currently completing the holy pilgrimage to the distant Elven Kingdom of Gala so that I may commune at their sacred and ancient oaks in the centre of their Forest of Song.

It is known to me from the grand council meetings that you have theorised what you refer to as lines of earthly power or ley lines. I believe that you claim that these lines of power loop the entire world, continuously surging with power and, are the very bloodlines of Mother Earth Herself.

I was unable to reach the sacred grove before the winter solstice and so I stayed in the City of the Dusk on the outskirts of the forest. There I observed the winter solstice and communed with Glade from the top of the city wall observing the sweeping grasslands. As I communed, I felt Her renew Herself for another season and as She surged with fresh life again, I received the rapture.

As I received Her blessings I thought of you sitting half a world away receiving the same Rapture at the same time and a thought struck me.

If, as you theorise, lay lines loop the entire world and send a continuous pulse of power then I would expect a delay between me receiving the Rapture In the City of the Dusk and you in Feldspar where you now sit, and yet we both experience this at the same time. Different parts of the world do not hold the solstice on different days.

If this pulse were to travel incredibly fast, so that we both in fact experience the same pulse, then if the Ley Lines were a loop then I would expect to receive the rapture again and again on the solstice (and we know this does not happen).

I have concluded then that as well as Ley Lines and Ley Line Nexus’ where Ley lines cross there must also be Ley Line nodes where Her energy originates. This power pulse originates at nodes and then radiates out around the Ley lines to feed the earth with energy and life for the coming season.

I believe that we should be able to locate a node and prove my theory. I notice that the rapture was stronger in the City of the Dawn than in the City of the Dusk and so this implies energy is being spent as it travels around the ley lines. If we followed these lines back to source might be the most powerful and sacred spots on earth.

Your faithful servant Archdruid Denny Wellspring, Keeper of the flame

Letter to Archdruid Drakon Farseer

Talasaar Bor