Corellion Journal

Journal of Caesar Corellion

June 21

The expedition is finally commencing. The six of us are ready and prepared, as much as one can be for the unknown. I had the honour of aligning the six gems and the portal opened in a shimmering wave of light. It was if oil was poured on water. Talking of water I hope that the dam we built holds whilst we are away otherwise the return journey will likely be more perilous than we hope.

After I stepped through the portal I landed unceremoniously on my back as if I had jumped through the portal head first and backwards. Even so my breath was stolen by the most magnificent sights I have ever seen. Some call this the quasi elemental plane of Crystal but that in no way does this justice. It is truly magnificent. The crystal is so clear and beautiful. It is unblemished and perfect. I should be able to locate the specimens I need here.

June 22

We are lost already! There is no gravity here, no up or down. Or rather everywhere is down. As I lie down now my compatriots would insist that I lay on the ceiling whereas I would swear the same of them. Mapping is infuriating as there are no points of reference and a slightest lapse in concentration leads to a dizzying attempt to understand where we came from.

June 23

Our situation has not improved. We have started to leave chalk marks behind us to see where we went but we started to notice chalk on the “sides” and “ceilings” of the walls and realised that we have been going in three dimensional circles. We should have set up something from the start.

June 26

We have encountered something new. Today we were hit by a wave of light which ran through the tunnels. This was indeed and strange light, powerful and so bright. Closing my eyes against it still left be blinded for minutes and I had spots in front of my eyes for much longer.

June 30

Our travel continues and we have met our first entity of this realm. I can only describe it as a crystal insect or perhaps a crab. It was not initially hostile until my companion fired an arrow at it (an action I might add which was wholly unsuccessful as the arc of the arrow was attracted to the ceiling due to gravities distortion. It attacked us with needles of crystal and ultimately was destroyed by hammers after injuring more than one of us.

July 1

A single spell each and we are healed from the attack yesterday. My companion seems to be explaining that is should have taken much more energy to heal us. Personally I approve.

July 3

Combats are becoming more frequent with all kinds of crystalline beings. They are becoming more aggressive and some have skill in magical arts.

July 4

Nothing! Suddenly all of our opponents have left us. I do not understand why but the quiet is more concerning than the action

July 5

I can only describe what we have lived through as an energy storm. At first I thought this another of those light pulses but there are so many more of them we are overwhelmed. We were all blinded and those of us who cast spells felt the need to expel power quickly. In fact one of my companions who sometimes has trouble containing his magic was unable to and unleashed all manner of effects on himself and others. In the end we hid from the light.

July 8

We have made it through to a sentient being. My Terran was never good but I believe that we have made ourselves understood for a barter. What a truly amazing creature he is. A Crystalline royalty of sort, he appears as a 10 ft man with a sceptre and a cloud of gemstones which orbit his head like a crown. He is very protective of these and has explained that they are magical and rare. Though are grown hereabouts in special geodes. He will not provide further details.

July 10

We have been Crystaline’s guests now for near a week and have bartered for the crystals we need in exchange for magical weapons. The price was high but I now have what I need. And more importantly I also have a guide back to where we came from.

July 12

We have come across a geode in the rocks. Our guide insists that we should leave this alone but curiosity is too much and we have already seen our chalk lines. I believe we can get out should it leave.

July 15

We are back with the crystals and a geode which we will open shortly. The dam we build did not hold while we were away and if I had not memorised water breathing as a precaution we would all now be dead.

Corellion Journal

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