History Background

El Ridian

El in the old tongue means “Town of”. The warrior Ridian was the founder of El Ridian some 1,500 years ago.

El Ridian is currently a Monarchy although there are no clear line of succession as Queen Etheryn, a human woman in her 30’s, has ruled El Ridain for the last 400 years and is considered by most of the population to be immortal due to her significant magic.

Queen Etheryn has a High Council of 6 that serve her and have key areas of control:

  • Markus Dol WrathHigh Councilor. 45 year old man with a well groomed salt and pepper beard. He is most often seen in his silver, blue and white state robes.
  • Dannik – Warmonger. Venerable Dwarf most often seen in his mithril plate armour which magically enhances his voice on the battlefield. Commands all land troops.
  • Seritha – Sky Marshal. Mature Elf maid with incredibly long blond/white hair. Rides a Silver dragon called Glint. Commands all the aerial troops.
  • Beranon – The Dead Watch. A Necromancer who wears a purple black robe and carries a blackwood staff. Possibly a human or elf as his pale skin and face are rarely seen. Commands legions of undead to protect beneath the city.
  • Irith Tal Maker – The Fire Shield. A Teifling he directs the magical defences of the city. He wears scarlet robes and is known to have access to LIbram Infernos, a powerful arcane book of Fire magic.
  • Benny – Quartermaster. Benny is a jovial Halfling who controls logistics for the army and all food and resource production for the city. Often seen as the least powerful of the council his job behind the scenes is vital.

In the centre of El Ridian is the Queens Park, an ornate garden which holds the Coliseum in its centre. This building was erected 400 years ago to celebrate the Queen’s Coronation.

The main buildings of El Ridian radiate out from this including the palace, Sky Barracks and the Shards. Four teardrop shaped towers which mystically revolve around unseen axis. This is the home of the Fire Shield and Dead Watch.

History Background

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