Arcane Background

Demon Lord Amentaroth – Lord of Hell’s Arena –Shadow Surgeon

Amentaroth is a Balor whose realm in the Abyss is known as Hell’s Arena, a realm where Amenteroth challenges other demons to fight with his stable of warriors in endless and brutal tourneys.

The souls that Amentaroth captures are locked into eternal combat with the worst and deadliest of hells denizens. Those that fail Amentaroth and fall in combat are not spared with a quick death. The Shadow Surgeon identifies their weaknesses and “Augments” their body’s through excruciating surgical procedures. The now “Improved” warrior fights once more in the arena hopelessly trying to preserve what remains of his eternal soul.

Amentaroth has a vast collection of dismembered body parts kept in jars, preserved for use during his “Augmenting” procedures. He is always in search of new souls and interesting and unique bodies on which to experiment.

Arcane Background

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