Opening of the New Chance

Session 6

Steve- Semiyon
Elisa – Balthir

The Journey back to Talasaar was uneventful and once past the Mayor’s insufferably lackey Soom, the party reported what they had learned of the ruin. Semiyon sought the guidance of the Willendale Brothers the most senior wizards in Talasaar and Balthir sort the council of Aldeen the cleric of Blessida on the relics that were discovered. These were of some value but Balthir donated them and a large amount of money to the church in exchange for the removal of a curse that had been with him for the longest time. The curse which turned his skin blue was, with the grace of Blessida, removed.

That evening was an address by the Mayor informing the warriors of Talasaar the status of the defenses and boasting of the creation of two new catapults. More importantly Mayor Cornelious introduced Guldin a large portly dwarf with massive beard who is the new innkeeper of Talasaar’s new and only Tavern, “the New Chance”. People flocked to the inn after the announcement.

While the revelry continued into the night large dark shapes flew out of the twisted Galach forest and descended on Talasaar. The watch rang the alarm and citizens spilled out of the New Chance to take up arms as a pride of Manticores attacked. Semiyon and Balthir fired their arcane power at them, dropping on beast even as they were severely wounded by a volley of spikes. The Manticores soon flew back to the safety of the Forest with a grisly prize of Man-flesh.

Semiyon, Hurg and Balthir were called back to the Mayor for further orders the next day as Rowinder reported that some of her scouts had not returned as planned. A rescue mission was planned and the party quickly left the relative safety of Talasaar to find the Rangers Deribor and Alaphir.

After a couple of days travel NE the party was attacked at night by a Death dog who wounded Semiyon badly and infected him with a disease. Stalwart to the last Semiyon decided to continue to venture into the wilderness to find the lost elves, thinking little of his own safety. Alas the disease was strong and a day later, when Semiyon’s condition worsened there was no choice but to turn back. Sadly Semiyon succumbed to the disease at the foot of the escarpment. Balthir and Hurg carried bis body back to Talasaar and informed the Mayor of their failure.

Deribor managed to fight his own way back to the camp a day later but Alaphir remained lost.



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