Crystals and Light!

Session 3

Steve – Semiyon
Elisa – Balthir
Micheal – Hurg

Following the stairs down the party found themselves in a series of corridors of strange glittering black stone of fantastic craftsmanship. At the bottom of the stairs and at many intersections were statues holding large mirrors or large crystals which caught and reflected light making the glittering walls sparkle. Some statues were broken and some walls had small 2-3ft passages in them leading down.

Investigating the passageways further, secret doors were located on which large crystals were found mounted on short tracks which locked into place at points in the corridors. It was also discovered that the stairs were actually a huge crystal and water, pulled from the well, was used to clean the stairs so that they caught the light and reflected it into the passageways. The light bounced around the passageways in a magical way, but with no obvious effect.

A large bag of dead rats, bats and fruit was also found lying on the ground and this belonged to a large Ogre who laired in the three main rooms of the complex. A bloody fight ensued and Hurg stood toe to toe with the ogre trading blows until the Ogre fled and was felled by a well thrown javelin. Potions of healing, Coins, several valuable objects and 4 books were discovered in the Ogres rooms.

In the corner of the Ogres main lair was one of the broken mirror statues which was blocking a trapdoor in the floor.



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