Silken strands out of the darkness

Session 5

Steve – Semiyon
Elisa – Balthir
Micheal – Hurg

Hurg recovered his strength after a rest and the party again made their way down to the web covered rooms below. A side room opened up into an study and Balthir noticed a safe hidden behind a wall partition. A poison needle trap guarded the safe and although this was discovered Hurg was impatient and ripped open the door to his detriment. Inside the vault were two magical gems, the remnants of a spellbook and an odd three dimensional sculpture. The sculpture was made of different coloured balls interconnected with rods of different colours. it was not magical but appeared strange and possibly of value. A the journal of Caesar Corellion was also found in the study.

The party left the flag-stoned rooms and entered more webbed caves. These caves were not natural having been cut from the earth and stone but they were not elegant at all being irregular and crude. The passageways were also covered in webs.

Further Giant spiders and fist sized spiders were encountered and defeated. As the party explored they encountered a large constructed barricade and on the other side, armed with long spears were a small number of Black Tongue Goblins. The goblins were watching the combat between the party and the spiders with interest but did not get involved.

During the fight with the Giant spiders something grabbed Semiyon from behind and wrapped a silken cord around his neck throttling him. and dragging him off into the darkness. Hurg managed to hear Semiyon’s muffled cries for help and dashed headlong into the black. This monstrous purple spider which stood on 2 legs stuckout again and seeing that it was outnumbered fled.

After this encounter the party decided leave and to report their findings back to Talasaar. On the trip back the party encountered a Death dog. A two headed beast with a slavering bite.



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