Ruin Found in the lands of the Black Tongue Goblins

Session 2

Steve – Semiyon
Elisa – Balthir
Micheal – Hurg

Semiyon defeated and questioned the 2 Blood Tusk Orcs killing one and promising not to kill the second in exchange for information. From this Orc, called Garth, he learned of the three remaining Goblin Clans in the Degaheggi plains.

The largest clan is the Green Meat tribe lead by a winged Blood Orc called Orcus Rex, The Black tongues are the next largest clan and are lead by a Hobgoblin named Slit. The Black Tongue clan rely on stealth and assassination. The last clan are the Dripping Eye clan and their are highly secretive. Their shaman are to be feared and powerful their leader is not known.

Garth was set free as Semiyon honored his bargain.

A ruined building was located four days from Talasaar. Semiyon sent his Familiar in to scout and it was killed in a spray of thorns from an Archer Bush, Being cautious the Party encountered more Black Tongue Goblins. The Goblins knew where the archer bushes grew and the Party were caught in more than one burst of thorns as they fought through the ruin.

Once the goblins were dispatched Balthir firebolted the archer bushes from a safe distance. Investigation of the ruin revealed moon inscriptions on the four main supporting pillars. There was also a strange circular roof structure and a retracting roof mechanism. Under the retracting roof were stairs descending into passageways below.



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