Goblin Lair and Spider webs.

Session 4

Steve – Semiyon
Elisa – Balthir
Micheal – Hurg

Moving the statue from the top of the trapdoor the party descended into a flagstoned corridor and a series of rooms from which an awful smell emanated. Hurg, bravely going first activated a tripwire which rang an alarm and Black Tongue Goblins rushed into the corridor. One goblin covered in rat pelts was accompanied by three Giant Rats. Another Goblin was dressed in black robes with flaming red eyes and wild hair and shrieked goblin obscenities.

The fight spread down other corridors and more goblins heard and joined the fight. Balthir was cornered and managed to escape after the barbarian Hurg, In a rage, felled many foes. Semiyon’s burning hands spells cleared many opponents quickly. Successful but fatigued the party retreated and covered the trapdoor and rested.

Returning after their rest the party again descended into the rooms below the Ogres lair. upon opening many of the doors the party disturbed Giant rats in their lairs made of old chewed furniture and other destroyed items. Burning the rooms furniture to burn the rats the party retreated to the surface to escape the smoke.

After the smoke had subsided additional rooms were located. These showed statues to the Goblin God Maglubiyet.. The party blocked up a number of side passages to try to prevent Goblins attacking the party as the area was a warren. Large doors at the end of the complex were investigated. These were opened and a room which was covered in spiderwebs.

Balthir user his fire magic to systematically burn away the webs revealing coins littered on the floor. A large cocoon was disturbed and it released a hoard of hand sized spiders which bit and poisoned. That was not the main problem however as a large black spider with envenomed fangs attacked. As it reared up at Hurg to strike it revealed a white skull on its underbelly. Hurg, poisoned collapsed but the creature was felled by Balthir’s fire magic.

The Party left the ruin and made camp for the night away from the ruin. Their rest was disturbed by a strange two-toned howling during the night.



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