Encounter with the Dripping Eye Clan

Session 7

Steve – Myzanth
Elisa – Balthir

After a brief period of mourning for their fallen companion the Mayor summoned Balthir and Hurg so that the fight could be taken to the Goblin clans once again. After being told they were late and made to wait again by the Mayor’s insufferable lackey Soom, the Mayor invited them into his office and after enthusiastically shaking all of their hands and giving his own commiserations for the loss of Semiyon introduced a man and a half elf. Myzanth, a druid who had an intense affinity with the land and would be a valuable addition to the group. Bor is a charming half elf with sense of humour and a willing sword arm.

The Mayor said that a number of groups were heading south to deal with Dripping Eye goblin scouts who were beginning to investigate the new owners of Talasaar. The Mayor sent the group to the veteran military man Winder who was organizing the groups. Winder was just finishing with another group when the group arrived. There was a savage looking northman with a hooked nose and covered in furs. A huge great sword slung over his back. This was Slorc paladin of Gyron, God of Justice. The next warrior was impressive in a different way, covered in shining black and silver leather armour with twinned swords strapped across his back and a charming smile that was designed to make the ladies swoon. His hair was short, groomed and his eyes sparkled with self confidence. Blade smiled, bowed and introduced himself with a flourish. The third of the group was a halfling, dressed in white priestly robes of Blessida and holding a plain wooden staff was not trying to compete with two other such strong characters. He quietly introduced himself as Aldwin.

Winder explained that the Dripping eye scouts were to be dealt with and the clan shown that there is no weakness in Talasaar. the two groups were to travel together for safety and then split up to cover as much ground as possible.

With little more preparation the four day journey south started and the group traveled passed the edge of the twisted Galach forest following the edge of the grand escarpment. Blade and Bor persisted to fence with words throughout the trip and took an instant dislike to each other. Slorc, used to the ways of his traveling companion got to know Balthir, Myzanth and Hurg and promised to protect them from harm if he was able.

Four days later and once a rally point was selected near the top of the group separated and went to scout for Dripping Eye Goblin scouts.. It didn’t take long before the group encountered goblins astride wickering hyena mounts. These hyena riders were well equipped with strong armour and well made scimitars and bows. Each of their shields had a large embossed eye motif in black and red. With a whoop and Bree-yark the goblins swept in to ride down the party, shooting arrows and slashing with their scimitars. Myzanth cut down his foes with his scimitar and Balthir lashed out with fire. A minute later the goblins lay slain, but this was only the first group of Hyena riders to be fought that day. The next battle was even more savage and ended with Myzanth releasing a wave of thunder, hammering his foes and creating a huge boom.

As the group were tending their wounds after the fight a dwarf hailed the camp explaining that he had heard the thunder and was also here hunting the goblins, Rowinder had tasked him with his mission.and he introduced himself as Bonbin. Balthir and Myzanth were suspicious of the sudden arrival of this character that they could not recall seeing in Talasaar before. Myzanth was also heavily wounded and before talking to Bonbin further retreated to take care of his wounds. Balthir asked Bonbin where his traveling companions were and he explained that they had fallen to the goblin riders but he was OK on his own. Bonbin made conversation and did not bat an eyelid when Myzanth lied to Bonbin mentioning the plans for a second city to the North of Talasaar and that the quarrying of stone from the Iron Mountains was going well. Suddenly some sort of arcane power slipped of Myzanth’s mind, failing to get a hold. Myzanth looked up immediately alarmed when a sudden unnatural fog appeared on the party blinding them to what was going on. When the mist dispersed a minute later Bonbin was gone, no Dwarven tracks could be seen, only Hyena and Goblin.

The party made a brief search for Bonbin but without success and so decided to continue on their way. At the end of the day they came to a rocky area with a high rock ledge to the left. Scuttling down the cliff face were three horse sized spiders, black with sharp hairs and dripping fangs. Mounted on their backs were three Goblin wizard shaman. The shaman had tatooed their faces by tattooing the eye symbol of the Dripping eye clan around their mouths. With the eye makeup they wore this made them look like horrible three eyed monstrosities. They drew silver daggers from their belts and carved arcane symbols in the air. As they did so wounds opened up on the body of Balthir dropping him to the ground. Hurg leapt forward to engage the spiders while Myzanth tended Balthir’s wounds. Magic continued to dance from the silvery goblin blades. They whirled around them deflecting Balthir’s magic missiles when healed and summoned fire from beneath the feat of the PCs. Hurg’s reckless assault on the Spiders continued and he managed to fell on and kill its rider, but he was poisoned in the process. On the battle raged, with scorching rays of fire and thunderwaves being summoned and fired at the Goblins and their horrid spider mounts. The vicious battle ended with Myzanth chasing the last of the goblin shaman as both Balthir and Hurg lay dying from their wounds and the poison in their systems. Myzanth attacked again and again with his Scimitar unable to defeat the shaman’s defenses and the Shaman’s magic could not prevent Myzanth’s inexorable advance. Finally a telling blow was struck and the goblin fell – dead. Rushing back to his companions Myzanth saw that miraculously their chests were rising and falling and somehow despite grievous wounds they were hanging on to life. A spell calling upon the spirit of nature and the God Glade revived his companions to the point where they could sit up and breath a welcome sigh of relief.



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