Dragonflies and Goblin Caves

Session 8

Steve – Myzanth
Elisa – Balthir
Bor – Flavio

The party spent a long night huddled without a fire in a defensible crack in the rocks nursing their wounds and trying to leech the remaining spider venom out of their systems. By morning they were well enough to continue their hunt.

Exploration of the wooded hills which dropped down into the Degaheggi plains revealed the smell of woodsmoke but before investigating this the party decided to drop down to the valley floor where Bor and Myzanth had seen bright red and green flashes of colour dancing over a small river. A few hours later when they had descended safely through the hills they saw no sign of the flashes again until Balthir shot a firebolt into the sky. At this point, a lightning quick creature flashed down the waterway, its scales were an iridescent red and they covered its four legs and long tail, its large insectoid wings buzzed loudly as it looked for the source of the fire searching the river with large insectoid eyes which were built on the side of a reptilian dragon face and jaw. The whole creature was about the size of a cat and it dived playfully at the other firebolts which Balthir created.

The party decided that the Dragonflies were a distraction from their mission at hand and went back to investigate the source of the woodsmoke back up the hills. This turned out to be a small cave guarded by Dripping Eye Goblins. Myzanth envoking the power of nature transformed into the form of a savage black tiger and silently stalked the guard goblins poncing on them and ripping them to pieces silently. The party moved stealthily into the cave and discovered a large pen of a dozen hyenas resting in the cool of day.



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