Battle for Talasaar

Session 1

Steve – Semiyon

Battle for Talasaar – The streets ran with blood as the El Ridian attack force overcame the Blood Tusk orc clan in Talasaar, forcing the bulk of their army over the great escarpment. Semiyon convalesced after the battle in Aldeen’s field hospital.

Mayor Cornelius was appointed in charge of town. Semiyon, after a run in with Soom, Mayor Cornelious’ insufferable lackey, received his first mission to investigate a ruin which Rowinder’s elven scouts had located.

Semiyon and his companion Tarrik, a dwarven warrior and skilled mason encountered and overcame Goblins belonging to the Black tongue clan. Semiyon also encountered 2 injured Blood Tusk Orcs who had fled the battle of Talasaar.



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