Talasaar Campaign

The world is nearly lost, for years the forces of light have retreated from the overwhelming hoards of demons and undead. Only in a few remaining bastions is there any relative safety in the world.

But out of darkness often comes light and after 400 years of siege, the city of El Ridian was prepared to move offensively due to a fortuitous event. Far to the East, on the other side of the vast Galach Forest a landmass moved, a huge upheaval in the world, which created a great escarpment and separated the Degaheggi plains from the mainland by the newly formed escarpment.

At the top of the escarpment, the ancient and ruined city of Talasaar, held by the fearsome Blood tusk orc clan, gained strategic advantage. Control of the city, might allow control of the plains below and at last perhaps land could be recaptured.

The Seers scryed the city and portents were cast. Finally, Queen Etheryn decided the time to strike was optimal and Dannik the warmonger and Seritha the Skymarshal prepared their troops for the offensive.

The rain poured down as Queen Etheryn and her high council created a vast teleportation circle in the Queens Park in the Middle of El Ridian and the armies marched through the magic portal. The battle for Talasaar had begun…….


Bor Rewstyr dorkmeister